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About Us

WatersEdgeMortgage, LLC is a broker located at 7873 3rd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33707. We are a privately owned mortgage company doing business only in Florida. NMLS No. 948963

WatersEdge Mortgage, LLC has become known as providing among the lowest rates and costs in the industry and Florida’s most trusted mortgage broker.

We post our rates and costs directly on the front page of our website to take the sale push off the customer as well as the guess work as to what is being offered.

We always welcome our customers or prospective customers to visit our comfortable St. Petersburg office and speak to a representative in person.

Loan Rates

These rates assume a 780 credit score, $200,000 loan amount and 25% equity, please contact us for other scenarios and no closing cost options.

NMLS No. 948963 | Florida Lic No. MBR1982

Rates as of September 14, 2021, 07:22 a.m. EDT

Term Rates APR Points
30 Yr Fixed 2.750% 2.880% 0
20 Yr Fixed 2.500% 2.630% 0
15 Yr Fixed 2.125% 2.345% 0
10 Yr Fixed 2.000% 2.320% 0

Closing Costs

We offer a full range of closing cost options. All loan estimates are provided with several different interest rate & closing costs combinations to ensure that the goals of our clients are met. All primary residences and second home purchase and refinances, as well as many investment properties, include a "no closing costs" option.

We do not charge direct costs such as application or processing fees, which further ensures that we offer the most competitive programs available.